Fans First Entertainment offers consulting based on your teams needs.   Complete team analysis, evaluations and strategies are offered as well as individual areas of focus including:


  • Ticket Sales – Ticket Sales is the key to any successful team.  Fans First Entertainment have developed ticket plans that work and know how to facilitate them.   Fans First Entertainment will review your existing ticket plans and help devise a new strategy and increase revenue and attendance at your stadium or arena.
  • Sponsorship – Sponsorship has changed dramatically in the recent years and businesses are seeking return of investment more than ever.   Fans First Entertainment has developed strategies that maximize partnership levels while generating business for your sponsor.
  • Entertainment & Promotions – Fans First Entertainment pride themselves in offering the best and most unique entertainment at our stadiums.   We will provide your team with ideas to help grow your fan base and make your ballpark a destination for the non sport fans.
  • Non-Traditional Revenue – Fans First Entertainment has developed events during the offseason that can maximize revenue and help keep cash flow strong throughout the year.  Fans First will help implement new events for your team that fit your market and can grow annually.
  • Food and Beverage Services – Concessions are vital to a team’s financial success.   Fans First Entertainment will offer your team advice on how to increase food and beverage revenue based on ticket sales, points of sale and unique offerings.
  • Budgets & Projections – Fans First Entertainment can help your team set up a realistic budget and revenue projections that will fit your team’s needs and goals.


Fee Structure
Fans First Entertainment offers consulting services based on either a one-time consulting fee or a fixed fee structure for the length of the agreement.

For questions call 781-424-2499.